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Alpha & Omega Painters is not just about painting. Here is what else we can do for you.

Services Overview

Interior and Exterior Painting

Alpha & Omega Painters has been helping customers with painting services and home repair and remodeling for over 14 years. We are focused on providing professional service and quality results. Our goal is to not only meet our customer’s expectations, but exceed them. We can help you with every stage of work, from choosing the right paints to adding the finishing touches.

We work hard to meet your specific needs throughout the whole painting or home improvement project. Keeping the customer updated on the project and meeting time expectations is of high importance to us. We believe the key to providing you the best interior and exterior house painting preparation work is our attention to detail. Customer satisfaction is our goal and we appreciate all our customers’ business.

Fence Stain

One of the best things to do to maintain your fence is to stain and paint it.

Staining a fence can provide more protection to the fence than paint because it seeps farther into the wood than paint. The stain on a fence also doesn’t chip like paint can, revealing areas that need to be repainted.

Our goal is to make your old, weathered fence look like a new cedar fence and stay that way for years. Or, seal your new fence and keep it looking new for years. With our product, your fence will have a more natural appearance without the glossy artificial look typical with oil based stains. Regardless of age we can greatly improve the look of your fence.

Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you decide on a complete kitchen remodel and cabinet replacement or just a cabinet refacing job, Alpha & Omega Painters can help you with selections on new colors, new textures, accessories and options, for a customized project to meet your specific needs. Explore our brands, styles and options, accessories and more for your next cabinet resurfacing, refinishing or replacement project. Give a new look to your kitchen!